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Art and design in the twenty-first century come in the more traditional style of putting oil painting, inks, woods, textures, etc. by using the actual materials.  It also now incorporates the exciting mess and fuss-free world of digital arts and design.

No longer is there a need to lug heavy furniture around a room to stage it with the introduction of Augmented Reality applications this is now down using a mobile device.

Painting, using the same techniques as with a conventional canvas, can now be done on the touch screen of your mobile device and or PC.

Or make use of 3D graphics to create games, art, crafts, etc.

We, at USM Designs, explore the new age of digital art, graphics and augmented reality that is trending in today’s world of art and design.

Our experienced and accomplished designers/artists keep on top of the all the latest creative works to inspire and keep our readers informed.

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