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The Best iOS And Android Applications For Augmented Reality or AR

What is Augmented Reality or AR?

Augmented Reality or AR is different to Virtual Reality or VR as it uses a Realtime environment to integrate with digital information.  Whereas Virtual Reality creates an entirely different world and surrounding.
An example of AR is where you would see your kitchen and the artist would include flying dragons around it making it really look like there are dragons in your kitchen.

#1 Ink Hunter

Every wanted to know what a tattoo would like on a part of your body?  Or which tattoo to get? Well, then Ink Hunter is the application you should get. The way this application renders the tattoo makes it really close to looking like the real thing on your skin.
The app is free to download on both Android and iOS

#2 Star Walk 2

This amazing application is great for amateur astronomers, stargazers or just someone who wants to see what stars or rather planets are up there. No matter where you are in the world this application uses satellite to pinpoint your location and align the constellations to your geographical location.
Just load the application and point it at the sky, this is a great way to teach kids about the planets too.
The application is free to download for both Android and iOS

#3 Wikitude

This is a handy application to have for anyone as it uses applications such as Trip Advisor, Wikipedia and Google Maps to collate your geographical location amenities.  If you are looking for a restaurant, street, places of interest or gas station you point your phone and it will show the information you are looking for.
This amazing application won the 2017 Auggie Award.  It is an all-in-one AR ADK that combines Tracking, Instant Tracking technology known as SLAM and Object Recognition software.
The mobile applications make use of Geo-Location AR for all the mobile, smart glasses and tablet devices.
The application is free to download for both Android and iOS

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The Top 3 3D Design Artists Of 2018

The wonders of the 3D world

We have all seen the fantastic games, movies and various special effects that offer us the amazing experience of seeing the world in 3D.  In the movies we have all experienced it, the various 3D rides at theme parks such as Disney and the way 3D has changed the look and feel of video games.  Your character becomes so lifelike is hard not to get lost in the world.  We look at some of the great artists behind some of these 3D worlds.

The top 3 3D design artists

#1 Edgar Müller
Has been described as one of the best 3D artists in the world.
With his 3D YouTube art videos launching him into the worlds eye, he has become one of the best-known 3D artists as well.
At the Sarasota Chalk Festival, he drew the legendary street painting that had the image change depending on the time of day.  The drawing was a giant at night and a foetus in the womb during the day the drawing specifically designed to metamorphose.
He also drew the well-known “Shark street” drawing which was of a shark pushing up through the sidewalk at the 3D Street Painting Festival in Hong Kong.

#2 Victor Hugo
Victor Hugo is one of those artists that taught himself everything he knows about his art and has been awarded for its excellence.
He has been working as a 3D graphics artist for around seven years and has won the following awards:

It’s ART Magazine Hall of Fame
Dope Award
3 CG Talk Choice Award
4 3D Total Excellence Award
3 CG Hub Gold Award

#3 David Gaillet
David is famous for his popular video game art in the games Galaxy Saga and Cryptids.
He has a way of taking a character such as Peter Pan and putting a dark edge to him.
His captivating storylines and immensely detailed 3D characters and worlds have made his various games go viral.