The Design of Everyday Things
By Don Norman
Ever felt like an idiot when trying to figure out which burner to turn on, which way a door swings to open it or what light switch to use?  This book shows how these things are not faulted of ours but rather in the design of the product.  In not properly taking in the needs of the users who would use the object.  How by implementing some simple rules into a design it makes it more acceptable and less frustrating for users to use.
How to Use Graphic Design to Sell Things, Explain Things, Make Things look Better, ….
By Michael Bierut
Michael Bierut is one of the world’s best known graphic designers he brings his thirty-five-years’ worth of experience to his readers.
He implements more than thirty of his graphic design projects in this book to show how to use graphic design to sell, market, bring out various emotions in people, etc. With a creative insight into each of his projects which he walks the reader through from start to finish for artists, students, designers and anyone with an interest in the world of graphic design.