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3 Top Digitalized Handmade Art tools That Work With Digital Paintbrushes

The new “digital paintbrush” trend

With the touchscreen tables, Stylos and even some touchscreen monitors a person can now easily integrate hand-drawn art into digital art.  This is done with the use of a device called the “digital paintbrush” or Digital Artist Brush.  No more dripping paint, or messy hands.  These digital pens such as the Nomad brush make mixing the paint and uses your touchscreen as your easel feels like the real thing.

Top 3 Digitalized handmade art tools for the digital paintbrush

#1 Sketchbook Express

This is an application from Autodesk.
You can either download the full version which has a free trial version to test it out before you invest in the application.
Or you can go to your mobile devices application store and download the Express version for free.
This has a unique interface that adapts to its drawing space dependent on the device you are using.
This is a great application that allows the artist to escape into their world of imagination as they express themselves on their screens.
This application is available for MAC, Windows, Android and iOS

#2 Zen Brush

This is an awesome application from PSoft.  It is available for PC, iOS, Android and Kindle Fire.
This application allows you use your fingers to draw in ink or paint.
This application makes your art look like the real thing you can even use it as a writing or calligraphy tool.
It has scalable brush sizes, various ink shades, an undo function and eraser tool.
You can then share your artwork with your various media such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

#3 ArtRage

This amazing package is designed as a complete art studio for the serious artist. It allows the artist to work with chalks, wax crayons, various pencils, brushes, oils or watercolors.
Once your work is done you can use digital tools to enhance your graphics.
It has all sorts of unique and useful tools to make the artist feel as if they have stepped into their very own digital studio.
You can even set your canvas texture to adjust to your tool of choice
You can shade pencil sketches as if you were doing them with a real pencil.
For any artist this is a package that they should try should they wish to venture into the modern day digitalized art.